What Digital Marketers Do for You 

As a client of Enlace Digital Media, you will be paired with your own Digital Marketing Manager, who is personally responsible for overseeing and managing your designated digital media package. Digital Marketing Managers are real people who care about how your company is represented in the online community. Our Managers will manage all aspects of your online presence for your business, including creating and posting content to social media channels like Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp and monitoring and tracking performance on those channels. Our Managers are experts at managing and maximizing a brand’s online presence.

Our Expertise Wins You More Customers

At Enlace Digital Media, one of the core elements of the digital marketing management we offer is content creation; we write research-supported social media content for your business. We save you the time and hassle of creating content from the ground up by researching what your customers want to hear about and implementing those concepts in an accessible and interactive way. We know what, when and how to post on social media channels for the most effective reach. We harness our understanding of social behavior to facilitate a responsive relationship with the fans.

At Enlace Digital Media, it’s our job to spark a surge in fan growth for your business. Through digital media advertising and fan outreach, we procure relevant followers and earmark prospective customers for your business. We utilize hyper-targeted social media campaigns to gain new fans who have consumer interests pertinent to your business. Our proven in-store strategies are honed to relocate your offline customers online. Rather than proliferating your fan base with masses of blindly selected candidates, we meticulously acquire only followers likely to become customers, who show interests relevant to your business.

We Connect With Your Fans to Create Customer Loyalty

Beyond bolstering your fan base and facilitating new growth, Enlace Digital Media actively engages in social media dialogue to share with and respond to your followers. We monitor your online presence and forge relationships with fans as they participate on your social media sites to promote your brand. We track, engage with, and reward followers to preserve their loyalty, while we diligently work to generate more followers by offering incentives to moderate fans. In addition to increasing followers’ excitement about your brand through social media interaction, Enlace Digital Media also forwards all leads to you, and responds to inquiries.

Enlace Digital Media stimulates engagement on your social media sites by integrating exciting contests and incentivizing promotions. We institute coupons and exclusive discounts to amplify foot traffic and sales for your business. We target promotions to motivate fans to become customers. Our innovative and progressive strategies effectively generate customer loyalty and retain fan interest in your brand.

We Increase Your Brand’s Value

At Enlace Digital Media, we quantify your business’s success with analytics that enables us to track and measure the performance of your social sites. By identifying the frequency and way that people are interacting with your sites, we can maximize fan involvement, adding value to your company and multiplying your leads. We provide you with monthly reports of the current trends in your social media pages to keep you apprised of your growth.

We Safeguard Your Reputation

Lastly, Enlace Digital Media offers a reputation management service for your business, which includes claiming pages like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Business, and Yahoo Local. Maintaining a strong and positive presence for your brand in social media is imperative to your profitability. One negative review handled improperly could mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from your customers. Enlace Digital Media helps your brand look its best online so potential customers choose your brand over your competition. Reputation management is vital to preserving and inspiring customer loyalty, and, through Enlace Digital Media, your business will achieve a compelling online social presence.