Content Creation

Create graphic or video content to increase park attendance and engagement.

Email Marketing

Create a weekly email blast to promote the park’s events, playing fields, special events, and various promotions.

Social Media

Create social media content. Optimized Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business pages to promote the park’s events, paintball & airsoft fields, gameplay, hours of operation, and respond to all inquiries.

Ticket Sales

Develop online sales of park passes and an online reservation system. In conjunction with paid advertising increased sales by 60% monthly.


These are some of the technologies implemented for this project to increase brand awareness and ticket sales.

Social Media Reach & Enagement
Email Marketing
Paid Advertising
Website Content Management
Special Events Promotions


Jungle Island Paintball & Wildlands Airsoft Park is a paintball, airsoft, and airball park located in Lake Elsinore, California. This project was unique because of the activity and audience. Our challenge was to create interest and increase reach and engagement with an audience that hadn’t yet tried paintball or airsoft while maintaining a strong relationship with the loyal following the park had earned. Our marketing strategy consisted of shared images of customers that tagged the park. We added graphics or video animation to the shared content and credited the images back to the customer who shared them. In addition, we created a weekly email blast to continue to connect and promote events with our 12K plus subscriber list. We continually run paid ads on Google and Facebook/Instagram to increase our reach to engagement which increases park attendance and following.