Designed brand logo and accompanying graphical content and assets for the website and social media accounts.

Ecommerce Website

Developed an eCommerce website for online sales of gemstones.

Product Feed

Established website product feeds to create online stores of Western Sage Studio’s entire inventory on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google.

Social Media

Create social media content and set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to showcase gemstones through product video posts.

Paid Advertising/SEO

Establish paid ad campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google to promote gemstone sales. In addition, setup Google Ads to improve website SEO.


These are some of the technologies implemented for this project web development and social media.

E-commerce Development
Product Feed
Social Media Marketing
Content Creation
Website Maintenance & Management


Western Sage Studios was a referral by a client, Mandel Jewelers who hired us to develop a new website. Western Sages Studios was impressed with the work we did for Mandel Jewelers and sought our help. Having developed a good relationship with Mandel Jewelers, working with Western Sage Studios was a fun and easy process due to established trust. Western Sage Studios had a passion and knowledge of gemstones that spanned 40 years. Their vision was to offer precious gemstones online and needed a solution that would be efficient and scalable.

Once the project was completed they enlisted our services in promoting their inventory through our digital marketing services. We worked closely with Western Sage Studios in identifying their ideal customer and how best to engage them online. We created business pages for Western Sage Studies on all major social media platforms and began creating content and posting while running paid advertising and search campaigns. Through this, we were able to increase reach and engagement and ultimately increase sales.